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Frequently Asked Questions

For your inquisitive minds you will find below a list of the most frequently asked questions at Galaxy Fun Park. You will likely find the answer to any questions you may have regarding our policies in this list.

What type of SHOES are required for the park?

CLOSED TOE shoes are required on ALL attractions (No flip flops, sandals, etc) EXCEPT soft play which requires any type of socks. Also, our trampoline park requires our special Galaxy socks. 

Is there an admission price or do patrons that are NOT participating have to pay to get into the park?

There is NOT an admission price to enter into the park; however, we do advise that the parents or guardian get a waiver band in order to be able to access certain restricted areas of the park or drive UNDERAGED children on CERTAIN attractions for free. (Ex. Go-Karts- MUST BE 10YRS AND 56” TALL and Spin Zone Bumper Cars-MUST BE 5YRS AND 38” TALL)

How do we sign a WAIVER?

A parent or legal guardian age 18 years or older must sign a WAIVER for EVERY child that is under the age of 18 years. This process can be done online by any electronic device or it can be done once you come into our park at our WAIVER STATION.

Who needs WAIVERS?


My children are all different ages. What can they do at your park?

Everyone can jump on the trampolines as long as they can walk on their own; however, each of our attractions have different AGE AND HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS. Please see the attraction pages for individual restrictions.

Do you discount your prices or packages based off of customer arrival time?

We do not discount, be aware and pay close attention to our Park hours and make your purchase accordingly.

What are your park hours?

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 8pm

Friday: 10am - 11pm

Saturday: 10am - 11pm

Sunday: Noon - 7pm

Do you provide REFUNDS?

Our park does not charge admission; therefore, we encourage each guest to take a FREE tour before making their purchase. Once the purchase is complete, we DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS. 

Are guests allowed to bring in outside cake, food or drinks?

NO---  The only exception to this rule is for guests that have a scheduled Galaxy birthday party.  They may bring CAKE ONLY.

Can I bring Balloons, Confetti or a Pinata?

No, None of these items are allowed in the Park.

Do you have an ALL DAY PASS?

We do not offer an ALL day pass; however, we have special unlimited weekday attraction packages and unlimited attraction weekend packages. Learn More

Do the UNLIMITED Attraction Packages INCLUDE the Trampolines?

NO, We offer 2 and 3 Hour UNLIMITED  ATTRACTION PACKAGES. THEY DO NOT INCLUDE THE TRAMPOLINES, but you can add that on at a discounted rate.

Do you have group rates?

YES! We do offer group rates. The minimum number of participants is 15 and it must be booked 72 hours ahead of your arrival with a deposit and paid under one bill. Learn More

What are the hours in the LUNAR LOUNGE?

The Lunar Lounge is for ages 21 and older and serves Beer, Wine and Food and is open Fridays 5pm-11pm, Saturday 12pm-11pm and Sunday 12pm-7pm.

Can I bring my alcoholic beverages downstairs from the Lunar Lounge?

NO. We ask that all adult beverages remain in the ADULT LOUNGE please. Thank you.

Can I drop my kids off unsupervised?

Due to insurance, safety and liability, we can’t be held responsible or liable for your child if you leave the building; therefore, we ask that any child under the age of 16 years of age have a parent or adult chaperone with them at all times.

Do I have to BUY SOCKS for the Mission Control Station (soft play)?

NO. Guests are ALLOWED to use their OWN SOCKS, but SOCKS ARE REQUIRED in the soft play.

Can I wear JUMP SOCKS in YOUR trampoline park that are from a different competitor?

NO,  GALAXY JUMP SOCKS ARE REQUIRED,  but we will gladly exchange those for a FREE PAIR of GALAXY JUMP SOCKS.


YES!! Our lockers offer 3 chargers for your ELECTRONICS and you have a choice of $3 for a one time rental or $5 for the day.

Do you have Food?

YES, We have a full service Cosmic Café with Food and Beverages. Learn More

Do you have GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS in your café?

YES! We offer Gluten FREE PIZZA in our Cosmic Café.

Do you offer FREE Wi-Fi?

Yes, we have free Wi-Fi to all of our guests. It is Galaxy 24 and the password is BeOurGuest.

We know we can book Trampolines ahead of time, but can we book any of the other attractions before coming in?

NO, Trampolines are the only attraction you need to book times for. All other attractions are available to purchase when you arrive.

Do you sell gift cards and are they available online?

Yes, we do sell Gift cards! However, Gift cards must be purchased in the Park at the front desk or by phone at 919-584-4000 ext.101

What is the difference between the Unlimited Card Special and the Pick 5 Special?

The 2 and 3 Hour Unlimited Attraction card is PER PERSON and gives you the option of all 5 of our attractions for an unlimited amount of time until that time period expires. ( Go-Karts, Laser Tag, Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Space Walk Ropes Course, and Mission Control Soft Play. 


The Pick 5 Card is a Card that can be SHARED with a group or family but it ONLY gives you 5 TOTAL ATTRACTIONS or 5 SWIPES. (You choose which 5 attractions.) However, it does NOT expire, so for example, if you only use 3 of your 5 attractions, you can come back at another time and use them at a later date. 


Both of these options also allow you to add on the discounted trampoline park for $8 for 30 minutes or $12 for 1 hour. 

Can I use an EXPIRED Groupon?

No every Groupon has an expiration printed on it. Once purchased, you have 120 days to use your Groupon. Please pay careful attention to your expiration date and redeem it before it expires. 

Can I split my Groupon up into two different visits?

No. As stated on the Groupon voucher, you must use the Promotional Groupon Value in 1 VISIT.